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ISSB Complete Information 2008-2012

First Impressions

Most people make an initial opinion of a stranger within the first five minutes of meeting them. According to research candidiates' impressions are made up of the following:

Body Language and image (70%)

Tone of voice (20%)

What you say (10%)

As soon as you enter the building you need to be polite to everyone you meet. You need to remain calm and confident, give a firm handshake, and remember to make eye contact. You need to put both yourself and the interviewer at ease by being down-to-earth whilst remaining business-like, it is often quite a good idea to have a few conversation openers, especially if the interviewer takes you to the interview room, it helps break the silence..

Interview Techniques

The interview is not only a chance for the interviewer to assess if you are the right person for the job, but it is also an opportunity for you to see if the forces are suitable for you.

During the interview you need to look for opportunities to be proactive and ask your own questions or try to lead the discussion where appropriate. Questions should reflect your keenness to work for the Forces...

Keep your concentration levels up during the interview and make sure you listen to the responses the interviewer gives you. The worst mistakes happen when people end up asking questions about topics that have already been covered, or don't hear or understand what the interviewer has said.

Key points:

Make sure you give the interviewer your full attention

Wait for them to finish speaking, before you answer the question

Make sure you ask open questions, to ensure you get full answers

Check you understand everything that has been said

What are your biggest accomplishments? This should be job related, and is a chance to show your competency

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Points you need to remember:
Smiling is a good positive signal, as it reaffirms your good nature

Maintain eye contact

Relax do not rush or fidget

Mirror the interviewers techniques, if they laugh, laugh with them

Maintain an alert position, sit up straight, don't slump, but be comfortable

Always have a confident and honest attitude.


Questions Related To Your Bio-Data From ISSB Form Which You Will Filled On First Day Of ISSB.

Your Name Meaning,

Your Father Qualification,

Your Rank Among Your siblings,

Your Qualification And Marks, Year

Your Age,

Your Height , Weight,

What do you do Now a days.?

Questions Related To Your Academic Qualification,

Questions Related To Your Hobbies,

Questions Related To Your Task And Performance,

Questions Related To Your Islamiat,

Surah Hudabia

Fateh Makka

Ghussal Ka Farahiz,

Wazu K Farahiz,

How many sons/Wives Of Prophet(P.B.U.H)

Biggest Surah Of Quran,

Shortest Surah Of Quran,

Total rukus, Sajde , etc

Ayat-ul-Kursi, Dua-Qanoot

Battles Jang -e Badar etc Remeber Strength of Muslims In All battles, And their Year.

*Ghusal & Wazu Ka Kitne Farahiz Hote Hain, Tell Briefly.....?

Ghusal 3 faraiz:

1. Kulli karna

2. Naak main paani dalna

3. Puray jism per es terah paani bahana k baal brabr hissa b khushk na ho.

Wuzu 4 fraiz:

1. Dono baazu kohniu smait dhona,

2. Chehray ka dhona

3. 4th part sir ka masah karna

4. Dono paon takhnoon smait dhona.

Questions Related To Forces,
group Captain is equal to which Rank Of Army,

Motive Of Army, PAF, Navy

Cheif Joint of Army Staff Name

How many People Got Nishan-e Haider And Last person mae who got this award?

Nishan E Haider holder Names!!!!!

Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed 2/1st Punjab

Major Muhammad Tufail Shaheed / East Pakistan Rifles

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed / 17 Punjab

Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed / 4 FF

Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed /,

Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed /, 6 FF

Sowar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed /, 20 Lancers

Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed / 15 Punjab

Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed / 12 NLI

Havildar Lalak Jan Shaheed,

Question Related Your emotions, And Feelings,

If you didnt selected then what will you do..??

Questions Related To General Knowledge

Pakistan K North, east, West, South mai Konsa Country hah,

foreign Minister Of China, Japan, India, Pakistan, America

Nigeria, America, Japan, China, England, Srilanka Capital,

Pakistan Highest And Shortest Things, Like Highest Mountain, Shortest Dam, etc,

Cm names Of All 5 Provinces of Pakistan,

Cm name of kashmir,

What is GT Road And Who made it..

Questions Related To english,

Parts Of Speech,

Transalate into english,

woh tumhara kia lagta hah,

mai ne us se aek letter likhwaya,

kal raat se bht taez Barish horahe hah

Jiski Lathi uski Bhens

Woh Zaroor Yahan Ahna Chahta hah

Questions Related To Your Self Analysis,



Sex etc.....

50000 don to keya karo gay? ??

jhot bolty ho ??

Why Do you Want To Join PAF/Army/Navy..........???

Questions asked from the GTO'S and Presidents at the time of Interview ISSB : of Qater?

2.Capital of Austrailia?

3.Prime minister of England?

4.secretaory General of United Nations?

5.Name 5 countries who got independence after1990?

6.Name 5 cities of Balochistan? which provinces Terbela and mangala Dams are located?

8.Physics:pascals law?dooplers effect?boyel's law?Charles law?Aeroplane flies on which principle?explain?


b)an Aeroplane is going with speed of 2500Km/ much distance will

it travel in 15 minutes?

c)if 12 eggs are of 14 Rs Then what is the Cost of 4 eggs?

10.Why Name NWFP has been changed to KPK?do u think it was right to change the name?


12.Name Of AIR CHIEF?

13.Name of Joint Chief?

14.Name of Naval Chief?

15.what is the length of table?

16.If U are Recomended for Navy,and we send u to PMA,Will u go?

17.Federal Minister of Law?

Name Five City Names Of Baluchistan & Pakhounkhawa..


Ziarat, Quetta, Kalat, Muslim Baagh, Qilla Abdullah District,Nasirabad and Khanozai


Swabi, Dera Ismail Khan, Charsadda, Nowshera, Peshawar, Mardan, Mingora, Kohat, Mansehra, Haripur And Abbotabad..

• About Pakistani FLAG

* The white and dark green field represents Minorities & Muslim majority,respectively.

* The crescent on the Flag represents progress.

* The five-rayed star represents light and knowledge.


1. What is 5% of 80?

2. What is 5% of 90?

3. What is 2.5% of 60?

4. What is 25% of 80?

5. IF you got 540 marks out of 1000 than tell me about ur %?

6. If you got 640 out of 1000 than tell me about ur%?

7. What is 60% of 400?

8. What is 2% of 90?

9. What is 90% of 2 rupees?

10. Which is greater? 6/7 or 5/6?

11. Which is greater? 1/7 or 8/7?

12. 1/2+3/6=?

13. which is greater? 5.5 or 6.6?

14. If your monthly income is 1200 what will ur yearly income?

15. If your earning 1100 rupees per week what will ur monthly salary?

16. What is 10% of 600?

17. 1 dozen egg price is 22 rupees what would 30 egg price?

If U got 200,000 Rupees what will u do for Those 200,000 Rupees.?

If a Shirt is of 50 and Your Shop is of Your Relative he gave u 15% discount then on what Price will u buy that After 15% discount..?


What is 35% of 450.?

What is 22% of 90.?



If 12 Eggs are of 9 Rupees then 5 Rupees k Kitne hounge..?

If Plane is going with 90km/hour Speed then in 35 Mint how mUch distance will it covered..?

** Height of pole.

Height of pole is 75 m .1/5 of pole is inside ground how much above the ground height of pole is 120 m .1/6 of pole is inside ground .how much above the ground

height of pole is 81 m .1/9 of pole is inside ground .how much above the ground height of pole is 99 m .1/3 of pole is inside ground .how much above the ground

height of pole is 150 m .1/2 of pole is inside ground .how much above the ground.........


**height of pole 36m.1/3 of ploe is inside ground.and 1/4 of pole is concrete(upper ).what is the remainning portion.

height of pole 30m.1/3 of ploe is inside ground.and 1/2 of pole is concrete(upper ).what is the remainning portiont.

height of pole 180m.1/3 of ploe is inside ground.and 1/4 of pole is concrete(upper ).what is the remainning portion.

height of pole 100m.1/4 of ploe is inside ground.and 1/5 of pole is concrete(upper ).what is the remainning portion.

height of pole 160m.1/4 of ploe is inside ground.and 1/8 of pole is concrete(upper ).what is the remainning portiont.

*if the height of a tree is 240m its 30% part is inside earth.. Its remaining part?168m.

*Agar team k all players first 10 balls pe out ho jain to kn sa player notout rahay ga.---8 nmbr.

* If a person purchased One shirt costly 350from his Friend Shop, And his Friend gave him Concession of 15% then How Much Rupees U will Bought that Shirt............??


* Which is Bigger,

1/3 or 2/5.........simple.

2/3 or 4/5

cross multiply karein 5*2=10 And 3*4=12

So Left side value ziada hah so 4/5 bara hah,

* 4/5 or 6/5

9/8 or 2/3

5/4 or 12/11

**Distance :

the speed of air craft is 180 km/ much the aircraft travel in 20 min.

the speed of air craft is 300 km/ much the aircraft travel in 30 min.

the speed of air craft is 150 km/ much the aircraft travel in 60 min.

the speed of air craft is 200 km/ much the aircraft travel in 30 min.

the speed of air craft is 120 km/ much the aircraft travel in 20 min.........

Percent question:

what is the 80 % of 80.

what is the 20 % of 40.

what is the 10 % of 180.

what is the 80 % of 20.

what is the 20 % of 240.

Discounted Questions.
What Was the Rate of Discount If A Boat Which Cost 5000 Was Sold For 4800.???

Yes 100-96=4% discount

Pakistan National Flag

Green part of the Flag symbolizes?

White vertical bar in the Flag symbolizes?

National Anthem approved in ?

National Anthem's Verses Composed by

National Anthem's Tune Composed by

National Anthem's Duration

Abbreviation .

UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

SUPARCO,Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

OIC,Organization of the Islamic Conference

FATA,Federally Administered Tribal Area

INTELSAT,International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

APTEC,All Pakistan Technology Engineers Council.

Check Complete List :ABBREVIATIONS

General Knowledge

Name Largest Dam.?--in pakistan its tarbela-----syncrude tailings dam of canada is largest in worlld

From Where Indus Highway Start & Where it Goes.........??its start 4rm karachi and ends at go tilll dera adm khaill

gdp and ndp

what is diff b/w zakat and tax

what type of fried u like?

if u got 10 million rupee than what will u do?

when you tell a lie?


what is kkh?

name the deputy speaker of national assembly

and others ministers names.......

indias president?

y to join airforce?

study in co-education?

Which Prophet Is Said to Be "Abu-al Bashar"........ADAM (A.S)

What Is GT Road & Who Made It...............?????? GRAND TRUNK ROAD. BY SHER SHAH SOOORI.......2500km long.... strtzz from bangladesh and goess to jalalabad kabul.

General knowledge question more than 50,000 question

Name the Seven Wonders Of World..........?

1 Chichen Itza

2 Christ the Redeemer

3 Taj Mahal

4 Petra

5 Great Wall of China

6 Colosseum

7 Machu Picchu

Name The Capitals Of,


Denmark--kopn haigan




Poor-tau Prince




Common Knowledge

Bone: there are 206 bones in human body.

Flat: his feet are not flat.

Swift: commandos are swift defenders.

Flag: may the flag of our country always up!

Pretty: Pakistan is a very pretty piece of earth.

Tough: i won even the competition was very tough

what fraction come between 1/3 and 1/4 ?

**In mY views we will add the fractions and then divide by 2 you will get accurate answer


Suppose You are In Jungle, Unarmed, You have Come Across a Tiger, At That Time, what Will You Do...???---

Some info about pak

Area - Total 796,095 km2 (36th) 307,374 sq mi –

Ghawa e badar kb hua ? kitny muslim thy n kitny kufara??? ghaz wa e khyber?? haj kb frz hua ??? al ghazwat..........nimaz kb frz hoi ???? etc

forces ma kiun ana chahtay hain,,,,pakistan k sides pa kuan si countries hain...north east west etc....pochien gy k pakistan k irad gird kya h ya pochn gy East m kya h pakistan k....................dawred line kya h???? pakistan k indian sarhad k sth kitna fasla h????? bs b confident !!! koi masla ni hota chill maro :)

app ki merits n de merits kn kn c hain ???

Aim of lyf..?

Merits in the eys of Friends.??

name ??f/name. educational acievment...APP KE HEIGHT?





motto of army,navy n paf .......??

motto of army : ”Imaan, Taqwa, Jihad fi Sabilillah” or ”Faith, Piety, Holy War in the path of Allah”.




...OIC=? SAARC … Abbrivation batao……… headquter khn hn in k..?? kitny mumalik rokun hn in k…???

F.Sc=? kis ka abbrivation h ? MBBS ??

CSS= Central Superior Services.


5% of 30?

The Senate has____ members

The National Assembly has ____ general seats, _____ women seats and _____ non-muslims seats?

Let's share some General Knowledge..

1. I.Q. = Intelligence Quotient

2. a.m = Ante Meridiem

3. p.m = Post Meridiem

...4. e.g. = Exempli Gratia

5. i.e. = Id Est (That is to say)

6. SIM = Subscriber Identity Module

7. OK = Objection Killed

8. NEWS= North East West South...


       Interview Tips 

1. kia aap ne kabi B.P deki hey?

2. Aap ne B.P ketni baar deki hey?

3. Aap k face se lagta hey k 200 ,300 bar deki hogi.

4. Aap ne B.P kaha or q deki?

5. B.P passand ayi?

6. Dekne k baad kia kiya?

7. Aap H.P karte hu?

8. H.P q nahi karte?

9. Any girlfriend/boyfriend?

10. How many girlfriend/boyfriend do u have?

11. DAT per kabi gaye hu?

12. Kabi apni girlfriend/boyfriend k sath sex kiya hey?

13. Kabi apni girlfriend/boyfriend ko touch kia hey?

14. Larki me kia cheez passand hey or q?

15. Agar me aap se aik raat k liye apki girlfriend mangoo tu muje doge kia?

16. SEXUAL URGE kaise pore karte hu?

General knowledge topic: Topic
General knowledge question: Questions


  1. Quite Helpful...

  2. gdp information

  3. Gud inf but what about the other days in ISSB

  4. VERI helping....THNX alot

  5. imp knowledge for issb

  6. Learnt alot....!!!

  7. issb ka call latter kitny dino bad ata hy.. or AEC Captain k lie jb latter ata hy to kitny time ga gap hta hy yani kitny dino k bad kohat jana hta hy latter milnay k bad tell me plz..

    1. After Submitting IssB Form.your call letter is issued within 2 month maximun and after receving call letter you have 5 - 10 days for preparation.

      you can also check your ISSb Call letter status :

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. how much i have to wait for issb call letter ...............applied for Lady Captain

  10. 1. kia aap ne kabi B.P deki hey?

    2. Aap ne B.P ketni baar deki hey?

    3. Aap k face se lagta hey k 200 ,300 bar deki hogi.

    What is this B.P ??


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